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Holistic  Fasting Retreat

Do you want to feel your best?

Fasting and Thriving

Are you feeling out of balance or in pain?

Fasting and Thriving

Do you lack sleep or energy, or feel consistently tired? 

Fasting and Thriving

Is stress  taking a toll in your life?

Fasting and Thriving

Are you concerned about your health?

Fasting and Thriving

Perhaps, you haven't  found the right solution to shed those extra pounds

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7-Day Holistic Fasting Retreat

Join us for a transformative Fasting experience, where we will empower  you to obtain these benefits:

Mental Clarity

water fast retreat

Fasting reduces brain fog and promotes greater focus and alertness.

  Healthy Weight

water fast retreat

By improving insulin sensitivity, Fasting helps you achieve your ideal  weight 

Hormonal Balance

water fast retreat

Fasting regulates hormones including those related to mood, hunger, sleep and so much more.

Improved Energy

Fasting Retreats usa

Fasting reduces blood sugar spikes, resulting in  consistent energy  levels throughout the day.

Gut Health

Fasting Retreats usa

Fasting reduces inflammation and encourages cell repair through autophagy.

Discover a sense of empowerment to bring the change you want to see

Take charge of your life as we provide guidance and support to empower you on this journey towards health and you’re better self.

Through fasting, you will discover the power within yourself to seize control and rediscover the sense of fulfillment that may be missing.

Liliana Pinzón

Liliana Pinzon, Certified Health Coach, and  seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Marketing. Struck by the benefits of Fasting and driven by a mission, she founded My Best Self Retreats in Florida, to combat American health crises. Her goal is to help individuals tap into their natural resources for optimal health and vitality.

Damian Carbonnier
Fasting Retreats usa

Damie Carbonnier, the Founder & Director of Mi Ayuno in Spain, boasts over 13 years of devoted experience, having successfully guided more than 3000 retreat participants towards holistic well-being through fasting. He is an enthusiastic pioneer devoted to nurturing positive transformations in individuals' lives.

Fasting Retreats
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Unique Place

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Fasting is an unforgettable experience. Give yourself the time and focus to live it fully. 

Fasting and Thriving Logo
Fasting and Thriving Logo

Nurturing Our Bodies
    Juice & Broth to replenish vitamins and minerals 
    Unlocking autophagy, by using fat as energy source.

Nurturing Our Souls
    Daily group activities, in nature to reconnect with              ourselves and connect with other participants

Fasting and Thriving

Nurturing Our Minds
   Stimulating topics by experts that will help us
    expand our understanding, both inwards and outwards.

May 19th- 25th, 2024

What is included:

 ●  Holistic Fasting Experience

 ●  6 night Hotel Stay

 ●  Parking

 ●  Wellness Assessment

 ●  Pre & Post Fasting Instructions

 ●  Tips to be Better Prepared

 ●  Nutritional Tips


 ●  Walking / Exercise Routine

 ●  Stretching / Yoga

 ●  Beach Amenities

 ●  Fruit/Vegetable Juice

 ●  Broth Every Night

 ●  Group Sessions with Experts

During this retreat, you'll gain valuable techniques and essential tools to incorporate into your daily life.

Together, we are dedicated to facilitating the transformative change you seek, both physically and mentally, and even spiritually, by empowering to seamlessly integrate what resonates with your personal transformation goals.

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Calendly F&T

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$ 2,600

per person -  double occupancy

fasting clinic near me

Losing Weight Naturally

Experience improved health, regain energy and balance, all while naturally shedding excess weight.

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