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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn in Life 

We invite you to revitalize your life, and stretch yourself beyond your old patterns! Fast with us, and experience the empowerment that comes from transforming your body from the inside out..

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Our Story

Fasting & Thriving is opening its doors in the United States after partnering with MiAyuno, a Fasting Retreat in Spain that has successfully helped more than 3,000 people since 2012. Damien Carbonnier, the leader of MiAyuno ("My Fasting" in Spanish), as part of our partnership, has agreed to come and guide our group.  


We seek  to create a revolution in the understanding of wellness, empowering participants to take control of their health and move their lives toward optimum fulfillment. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in creating

Your Best Self.

Meet The Team

As the visionary behind Mi Ayuno in Spain, Damien has an unquenchable passion for wellness and a knack for transforming lives through Fasting. Damien has carved his niche in this field. At the age of 27, he made a monumental shift, committing himself wholeheartedly to this endeavor for the past 13 years. Merging his expertise in fasting, psychology, and physical fitness, he has woven together a purpose-driven mission with far-reaching positive outcomes.

With an impressive track record, Damien has guided over 3000 individuals to experience transformative journeys. 

Damien’s extensive background in Fasting and Psychology set him apart, enabling him to champion a holistic approach to well-being. Collaborating seamlessly with medical professionals and other healthcare experts, his dedication to comprehensive wellness is a cornerstone to his approach . Damien is a firm advocate for Fasting as an essential, intrinsic tool for enhanced well-being. His mission? To lead others toward a life that's not only healthier, but also emotionally enriching. Bolstered by unwavering commitment and an unbridled passion for fostering positive change, Damien stands as an inspirational trailblazer in the realm of fasting and holistic wellness.

Liliana Pinzon is a seasoned entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the field of Marketing, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Liliana's personal health journey has focused on wholistic wellness. Her unique perspective focuses on cultivating well-being from within, rather than relying on external quick fixes.

Through her personal explorations, she came upon the practice of Fasting and embarked on a journey of learning and self-experimentation. This path led her to discover MiAyuno in Spain. Struck by the remarkable benefits achieved through fasting and bolstered by the ever-growing body of scientific research of effectiveness, Liliana felt motivated to engage herself in the battle against the debilitating health crises affecting our American culture.

Issues such as obesity, metabolic disorders, and chronic lifestyle-related diseases have reached epidemic levels in our country and have taken a devastating toll on individuals and families, even threatening future generations. Driven by a desire to alleviate what is often needless suffering, Liliana has taken on a mission. Her aim is to assist individuals in unlocking the inherent, natural resources that exist within us all and use them as they were designed, to restore us naturally to a condition of health and vitality. 

Liliana has received valuable training from Damien's expert team in Spain. Additionally, she immersed herself in studying the methods of the Buchinger Institute in Europe, which has over one hundred years of experience with fasting protocols. Liliana established Fasting & Thriving in Florida, which is supported by a multidisciplinary team from the fields of medicine, psychology, wellness coaching, and physical fitness, to deliver a unique fasting experience in the United States. 

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